Saturday, 14 November 2009

Olfactory overload

I promise, there'll be a blog about knitting someday soon.

Due to severe improvisations in my travel plans, it occured to me that I might organize a perfumista meetup in Prague, which I did. The idea was met with enthusiasm, a handful of people with lots of bottles arrived, effectively scaring the waitress in the café where the whole thing happened. The gal wasn't any less shocked when I told her that we're just a bunch of hobbyists.
I continued to Podunk for a weekend at O., my friend to whom I had quite a bit of mail sent when I was abroad. Now, there's a huge box of perfumes and a huge bag of yarn, and some of them damn rock. Since O. is another perfumista, although not even halfway that crazy as I am, it made a good party. She fell in love with Via Lanvin and immediately got herself a huge bottle for Christmas...
Hopefully, tomorrow we do some pics, it's more fun when there're more people around. I'll be back to blogging on Wednesday.

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