Thursday, 19 November 2009

Sociophobic chickenshit goes to school, part I

I got scared last week and simply flunked. I tried but I forgot my schedule at home and I found myself in the building, not being sure where to go and what lecture it should be so I ran away.
This week, I decided that I'll make it. I needed to go to the students' office to clear something up and I managed. I also managed to prolong my university ID and dropped at the library but it's not a big deal. I yet have to go to an actual lecture, it starts in an hour or so, and I'll need to explain why the hell I appear after six weeks of courses. The explanation along the lines of I wasn't around, I was rotting in Stockholm, writing my doctoral thesis, causes a bit of confusion. At least it's not only me who is confused (my default state when in new places with new people) so I feel less crappy.
There's one funny thing. The Natural Sciences are next door from the medical school and one can well see on the tram who goes where. Future docs wear woollen coats and elegant stuff, biologists are generally underdressed for anything but a field trip.


  1. As a scientist I have often noted the same thing about how dress proclaims what people on my bus to work do. It made me laugh to see that in your entry. It's not like we get paid enough to dress well, though.

    Congratulations on finishing your thesis! Someday soon I hope to make it to that Promised Land.


  2. Erin,
    if the thesis only were finished.... but nope, still far away from that.