Friday, 6 November 2009

In the fog

Sure, I promised a heap of perfume reviews but the weather refuses to cooperate.

Not that messing with perfumes would need sunny weather per se, but as some of you may have noticed, I prefer to plague this place with homemade photography instead of linking nice pictures from the internet. I like to think that I'm a decent photographer although I have doubts. And although this is way from a dark house, it's so dark outside that I can't take halfway decent pictures (1).

Yesterday, I finally managed to call the dental clinic and was told that they deal with joint problems Thursday afternoons so I could continue in the dental odyssey that started sometime in summer when I chipped another tooth. My dentist says that I'm eating my own teeth, she always whines about too much abrasion...
[Here a break comes. I checked wikipedia to find the right words and descriptions for halfway understood explanations and I found out that jaw clenching is a sleep disorder. The smartass name is bruxism and yes, it does sound rather like some nasty contagious disease]
... caused by bruxism. And that my lower jaw is not properly aligned, leading to more wear on one side, plus eating my teeth, resulting in extensive dental sculpting and reasonable yet not exactly welcome bills. And achy temporomandibular joint.
In fact, twice in winter the left TMJ decided to be annoying so much that I could barely open my mouth to speak so I lived on thin gruel, ibuprofen and Chianti. Especially the last bit was rather pleasurable but there were certain issues. Like being tipsy every evening. So, the expert decision was to make a splint that would keep my lower jaw in place. I hope they make them with Chianti flavour. Chocolate would do, too, obviously.
Interestingly enough, the hospital dentist said that the TMJs hurt more in this depressive weather. Maybe they have SAD, too?
[Now I read that symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder aka winter depression are oversleeping and craving for carbohydrates. That sucks, I wanted to lose some weight before spring.]

I'm going to check the wine cellar (2), my TMJ is winter-depressive and hurts.

(1) no, captain Obvious, I don't have a studio
(2) this is a BIG house, although admittedly, it's not a proper wine cellar where I'm aimed. In the wine cellar proper, I store my wine collection. The stuff that gets drunk doesn't get that much care.

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